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One of the most effective new developments in American health care

Commonly Treated Conditions

Some of the most common conditions that have been treated successfully in the United States are as follows:

*  Alcohol Dependency *  Allergies / Asthma *  Anxiety / Depression
*  Arthritis / Joint Problems *  Back Pain *  Bladder / Kidney Problems
*  Childhood Illnesses / Infections *  Colds / Flu *  Constipation / Diarrhea
*  Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation *  Cough / Bronchitis *  Fatigue
*  Gynecological Disorders *  Headache / Migraine *  High Blood Pressure
*  Immune System Deficiency *  Infertility *  Knee Pain
*  Neck Pain / Stiffness *  Numbness / Poor circulation *  Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
*  Sciatica *  Sexual Dysfunction / Impotence *  Shoulder Pain
*  Skin Problems / Shingles *  Smoking Cessation *  Stress / Tension
*  Tendonitis *  T M J / Jaw Pain *  Weight Loss

 ............And Many More                                                                                                                                                                     

What it is

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are a complete medical system of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness. It is effective for physical, psychological and emotional problems. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine originated in Asia over     3000 years ago, and due to its proven effectiveness, has been embraced throughout the world.

How it works and feels

Modern science has determined that human beings are complex bioelectric systems. This understanding has been the foundation of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for several thousand years. Energy circulates throughout the body within well-defined channels. Points along these pathways are energetically connected to specific organs, body structures and systems. When this energy circulation is disrupted, optimum function is affected resulting in pain or illness. Stimulation of specific points balances the circulation of energy and influences the health of the entire being.

Acupuncture needles are very fine, about the size of a thick hair. They are solid and nothing is injected through them. Insertion of the slender needle goes unnoticed by some, and to others it feels like a pinch followed by a sensation of tingling, aching, warmth, pressure or numbness. Sometimes people feel the Qi (energy) move along the channels. The needles remain in place for fifteen or more minutes. After the treatment, it is normal to feel relaxed or energized with a noticeable elevation of spirit. Most people are pleased to find that treatments are not uncomfortable and they look forward to them. If you have a fear of needles, discuss it with your practitioner so an appropriate treatment strategy can be determined for you.


During your first visit, your practitioner will begin by taking a thorough health history, read your pulses and observe your tongue color and coating. The type of treatment will vary depending on your physical condition and the diagnosis. The use of acupuncture needles is the most common technique for stimulating the energetic points. Your practitioner may also use moxibustion (a warming technique) or Tuina (a massage technique). They may also recommend herbal formulas, dietary modification or therapeutic exercises.


Since Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine promote the body's natural healing ability, most conditions can be corrected or improved. It is also a comprehensive system of preventive health care and health maintenance. The effectiveness of acupuncture is well documented and extends far beyond the conception that it is only useful for chronic pain management or as an analgesic. Many athletes have discovered that Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine help them achieve optimum performance levels. Recently, acupuncture detoxification treatments have been recognized as a valid form of therapy for addictions of caffeine, sugar, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. Throughout its long history, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine have established a solid reputation as a system of health care that works.




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