Spa Facials

Enjoy a professional holistic facial with our Estheticians. Our treatments target your specific skin care needs, leaving you with a healthy glowing skin.

European - The perfect facial for all skin types and for those new to skin care.

New!! Deluxe European - An extended European Facial which includes the Dermalogica Contour Mask, a rubbery sheet mask containing a high content of moisture, keeping skin wet and giving a cooling effect. Leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh, supple and healthy. Ideal for premature aging and dehydrated skin. Also with an option of a Lip treatment or Eye treatment.

Deep Cleansing Facial- uses high levels of dermalogical exfoilation.Opens up pores and clears away blackheads.

60 min. $80

75 min. $90






New!! Bio-Active Peel- We believe a chemical peel should work with the skin, not against it. Dermalogica developed Expert Strength BioActive Peel, the worlds most innovative peel is a unique, catered and multi-phased treatment. Powerfully targets fine lines, hyperpigmentation and acne to take skin health to a whole new depth. No redness. No down time!

60 min. $110

Medicated Clearing - Acne has finally met its match with this purifying and deep cleansing facial that helps to balance the complexion. Regular visits and rigorous homecare regimen can create remarkable results

60 min. $90
Wrinkle Cure Facial - The latest in hydroxy acid exfoliation and vitamin repair will improve skin elasticity, tone, and texture while multivitamins repair and prevent premature aging. A series of facials and homecare routine of products & supplements is recommended for best results.

60 min. $110
.Acupressure Face-lift - Toning and restorative treatment products and acupressure point massage will firm and uplift your skin. For best results a series of facials and dedicated homecare routine is recommended.

60 min. $110

Hot Stone Chakra - This facial treats the needs of your skin, while using hot smooth stones to melt away stress, and balance Chakra energy centers, leaving an overall feeling of wellness.

60 min. $100

Aromatherapy  - The perfect facial for all skin types and for those that love therapeutic oils. This facial treats the skin & soothes the senses. It leaves your skin with a soft, radiant, and healthy glow.

60 min. $90
Express Skin Care - For people on the go, a starter facial for teens or for a maintenance treatment. This facial cleans, hydrates and leaves skin feeling fresh and renewed.

30 min. $50
MicroZone Facial Treatments -The perfect targeted  treatment for in between facials or for men and women on the go.  Ask our estheticians to face map you and prescribe the  microZone facial treatment that meets your skin needs.

30 min. $40

Customized Facial Upgrades

Extended Facial Massage- Can be added to any of the services listed above
15 min. $20
Multivitamin Exfoliant - Repairs & prevents aging
Brightening - Balance pigmentation. Booking a series is suggested,  sunscreen is a must.
Revitalizing Eye Treatment - Firming & hydrating, treatment


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